Pastured Pork Shares

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We are Angie and Ethan, the farmers at Fairy Ring Farm.  We began raising our own pigs eight years ago.  We now maintain our own breeding stock of Gloucester Old Spot pigs.  Traditional butchery and European chacuterie have been a mutual passion and subject of experimentation and study as long as we have been raising pork.  In 2014 we set off to France with our three children to visit Angie’s French side of the family, visit farms, and taste chacuterie from France’s Eastern provinces.  We love being able to share flavorful and nutrient-dense food with our community!


nursing gloucester old spot piglets

How The Pastured Pork Shares Work:

You can reserve a piglet (when available) by contacting us.  The piglets are raised together, and we feed and care for your piglet, making sure it has access to forage, pasture, and acorns (in the fall).  You will receive a monthly feed bill of $47.50 and a piglet update by email.  You are also welcome for visits out at the farm!  We will work with you to make plans for the ideal time for harvesting your pork.  Please also see our Terms and Conditions.


Harvest Options

The ideal time to harvest your pork will depend on your budget, family size, and freezer space.

 Full Charcuterie Class

In olden days, families gathered together for a seasonal pork harvest and filled their larders with delicious porky foods for the winter. We offer this unique opportunity to experience a traditional pig harvest so that you can join us over two days to bring your pig from hoof to table, making the most of everything so that nothing goes to waste.  We guide you through making lard, brawn, brined ham, bacon, pork cracklins, European-style pork liver pate, liverwurst, boudin noir, broth, scrapple, and handmade cased or uncased sausage with eight different herb and spice seasoning options.  You won’t believe how much delicious food can be made from just one pig!

$300 (includes all the materials and organic ingredients)

Pork Cuts Class

This is for cuts only.  We spend a day together scalding, scraping, dressing out and packaging your pork into specific cuts.  $100

On-Farm Processing Class

Together we scald, scrape and dress your pig, and deliver it to Newberry Cold Storage for butchering.  $50 plus the butcher’s fee, which is 50 cents per pound, although this price changes if you opt for smoked bacon and sausage.

Basic Pig Class (preparing a whole pig for roasting)

Together we scald, scrape, and dress your pig, and have it all ready for roasting whole.  $50


French-style pork liver pate





Stuffed sausages


Pork Cracklins



Why pasture raised?  We want our pigs to be as happy and healthy as possible, and out in the fresh air and sunshine, foraging and grazing in the pastures and forests is the best life for pigs!  Not only do they eat less grain when they have access to forage, it also makes for delicious, well-flavored pork.

Why heirloom pork?  We picked the Gloucester Old Spot pigs to raise because they are not only good mothers and friendly, docile pigs, they also make delicious, well-marbled pork.  They are the traditional English cottager’s pig, known for making excellent ham and bacon.

Why non-GMO?  We avoid GMO’s on our farm, because of the evidence of the health issues they can cause for animals.  We want our animals, as well as our food and our environment to be as healthy as possible.  We feed a certified non-GMO, soy-free ration.

How long does a pig take to grow? This depends on how big you’d like your pig to be. Pigs come in different sizes.  For our family of five, we generally grow our pigs out for a whole year.  This yields about 120 lbs of pork, not including the fifth quarter.

What if my situation changes and I can’t keep my piglet? Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund the feed costs already incurred.  There are two options in this situation.  First of all, we can always process your pig right then, and be done with it.  Otherwise, if you can find someone willing to take over your share, the piglet’s upkeep can be transferred to them.

What kinds of cuts will I get?  It really depends on what harvest option you choose.  We’re willing to help cut your pork any way you like.

Don’t see your question?  Don’t hesitate to contact us.